A lump on Tidus

Today we found a lump on Tidus (T-diddy, Diddy, T-man whatever you know him as) It’s on his throat and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

**It fucking bothers me!**

I said something really ridiculous to Kerry when I found it. I said it heat of the moment and the more I think about it the more I realise what a stupid thing it was to say. I said, _“Perhaps it’d be better to have him put down rather than go down the route of cancer treatments”_
Well… No, no it fucking wouldn’t. We love our rats equally and well… A lot! A lot doesn’t even cover it. Poor Tiddy though, he’s only little. For those of you that have met him, he’s the cute cinnamon dumbo with the scar near his left eye. (Kerry always says _”Chicks dig scars”_)
Anyways. I called the vets straight away, we’re booked in for 16:50 tomorrow. I guess I’ll blog about it again soon.
Poor little scamp.

You always fear Cancer, could be nothing. Probably is nothing.

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