New Vets

We checked on the N.E.R.S. (North East Rat Society) and they recommended First-vets in Forest Hall.

Why did we change vets? it’s actually really easy to explain. We were using Blythman vets but they are really just a cat and dog vet. Whenever we’ve taken any of the rats to Blythman, they’ve admitted it’s going to take a lot of reading up etc.. Now I don’t know about you. Would you want someone trying out something on your animals/pets for the first time? I think not.
Anyway… We’re now using the N.E.R.S recommended vet. She’s lovely she’s called Judith Brown and she knows her stuff.
She took one look at the lump on tiddy and straight away said, abscess/cyst!

Seriously though, poor Tidus, crap start out in life in that war-zone housing estate in Ashington. Bullied as a kitten and has a gigantic scar above his eye. Now he has an abscess and to top it off… No more testicles as of next week. Well the good news is he can then move in with his brother into the big cage with the girls and start a big happy family. Hopefully Kerry and I can then get another 2 rescues and bring the total up to 6…. or possibly 8.

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