Well… it’s official

Well it would appear that either I am a terrible parent or I have been viciously advised incorrectly.

My wonderful boys are actually be girls.

How this happen? I hear you cry

I think that we put too much faith in the nice guy from Pets at home.
Apparently they do have a *we’ll try to be as sure as we can policy* and Kerry and I did mis-read a piece of information when we were doing our original research into getting rats.
We had read that *The testicles should distend at 5 months*
Now that was supposed to be 5 Weeks and not 5 months. It however does not explain the temperament of Stripe or their ‘buck grease’ or what we assume to be their buck grease. So… What do? Well, we’re off to the vets tomorrow to have a professional sex both of our boys/girls (for 24 hours, they’re still our boys) and if they are indeed girls then we’ll have to have them spayed. I’ve lost rats in the past to cancer and having the rats spayed really does lower their chances of getting cancer.

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