It’s time for a new Cage

So as the title says, [Kerry]( and I decided that’s it’s time for a new cage for the Furries. It’s not that [ferplast]( make bad cages. Truly it isn’t. It’s just that the rats really do deserve something better that what they’ve got. Ferplast cages are good starter cages but as time goes on, you realise. Actually that side door isn’t very easy to open. When you’re reaching in to open the door. The rats will be all over your fingers giving nibbles, now we’re talking love nibbles here. **NOT** bites. It doesn’t make you any less apprehensive. Think of it from the rats point of view. _“Whenever you put something through the cage bars it’s usually food”_
Its actually harder to clean than you think. You take the bottom tray out and then the shelves and then everything else. Well you’ve now dismantled the whole cage. You may as well have taken the whole cage to the bathroom and cleaned it there. So basically.
It’s time for a new cage and we really need to think this one through. Kerry and I watched a Channel 4 program recently about a couple who were actually rat mad. I think they had close to 30 rats living in gigantic cages (2 of them) in a dedicated rat room. A room I say that looked suspiciously like their scullery. Well this got me to thinking. Their cages had large open swinging doors. That’d be excellent for getting in and out and for cleaning. Let me get you a [link](,_Ferret_and_Chinchilla.htm) so you can see what I am on about.

#####Here so these are the good points:-
* It’s on wheels.
* It’s going to be far easier to clean.
* It’s made of a far more sturdy material.
* The doors.
* The door clasp is on out outside.
* So much more room for the boys.
* We can get more rats.

#####Now on to the bad points:-
* Cost.

£200 for a rat cage.

So basically, as you can see, the good far outweigh the bad points. Kerry is always raving about wanting more rats. I am an utter pushover so I actually wouldn’t mind. The ferplast cage we currently have could take 4 rats. I just personally wouldn’t want to see 4 rats in our current cage. Now I am putting my foot down about 4 rats max. I don’t think you could possibly give love to more. They’d also take over our lives. We’d have to plan trips away etc. Also the current cage we have could be used as a travel cage. That would be okay for a week away at the ‘rents house but as I’ve already said, not long times.

So now onto my next train of thought. (Hey I’m on fire today)
Dumbo Rattus Norvegicus. My next rat will be a dumbo. Yes you heard it here first. I will in no way love it more than Lancelot, or Stripe for that matter. I just fell in love with a picture on tumblr the other day. I thought instantly of Remé from Ratatouille. I love it when ~~Lancelot~~Lottie spreads ~~his~~her ears. (Click your fingers or fingernails together and he’ll do it) so that’s made my mind up. I’m getting a dumbo.
Explaining it to the Kerry will go like this. I’ll even shout it through to her study as I’m typing it. *wham* I got a reply of “They’re cute!” so that’s that then.
Anyways, back to the cage. Obviously they’ll need to be quarantined for a few weeks and I’d like our rats to be about a year old when we do this. Rats usually live for 2-4 years 4 being an extreme. Usually around the 3 year mark if you’re lucky. I’m thinking about it a lot more recently. The new cage will be a must. £100 each for the cage isn’t that bad. £50 a month for 2 pay cheques won’t be too hard to swallow. If I thought about it sensibly. £20 a month for the next five months I wouldn’t even miss it. As I’ve never saved for anything in my life if could be a good thing.
So anways.
What do you think?

Enough Ranting for now I think.

– C

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