My new Rat Lancelot… I mean Lottie

#### So I’d like you to meet my rat ~~Lancelot~~Lottie (who recently turned out to be a girl)
~~he’s~~She’s about 5 months old. A teenager in rat terms he is rattus norvegicus. We bought ~~him~~her (and hisbrother sister Stripe) from Pets at home in Newbury.
Now before anyone jumps in. You need to see Pets at home in Newbury before saying anything. They have very knowledgeable staff (Or so we thought) in fact. The guy we bought from is a rodent fanatic and homed 2 homeless Degus the day we went in to buy the boys. They also informed us that they use a proper respectable and responsible breeder.

Back to Lottie, ~~he’s~~She’s such an explorer. heShe never stays still. Well unless I have a yoggi for ~~him~~her.
I have to say it’s been the best decision we’ve ever had in our home to add these little additions to our home.
How could you not possibly love these little whisker twitchers?
You know you want to have a cuddle. Don’t you!
– C

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